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Mac Desktop App Error 404, Mac Desktop App Error 404: We're sorry but the page you requested is not available.
On logging into the desktop app a windows appears with the normal Bitrix website in and a big 404 error saying We're sorry but the page you requested is not available.

I've tried removing the app from the Mac and reinstalling it with no luck.

I'm using Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.5

can anyone help with this?
Did anyone get this error fixed -  I am also having the error and think it is to do with an old account that was used and now invalid..

I have a new account but i can't find where to set this up ?

Any ideas

I found that the primary reason for my issue was that I chose on-premis rather than cloud but put my cloud address in. The Bitrix24 client doesn't handle this well at all.

That said I did get a reply from support about the issue after I'd fixed it myself by selecting cloud. They gave the following advice on clearing all cache and logs.

In the "Portal" field, enter the address of your Bitrix24 portal, and you have specified: [insert your portal address here]

If the authorization window does not appear, follow the instructions:

- go to the "~/.bxd/" folder. The folder "~/.bxd/" is hidden, so you can not see it. Enable the display of hidden files on OS X to see the "~/.bxd/" folder.
- delete the application
- delete the log folder if it has not been deleted (~/.bxd/)
- delete the files:
- Restart Mac OS X to reset the OS cache
- Install the application  
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