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Bitrix24 php sdk (unofficial) for developers
Hi everyone,
my name is Maxim Mesilov, I am an experienced (6+ years) developer familiar with Bitrix tecnologies.
If you're up to developing an app or getting an integration with Bitrix24, this lib is what you need. It's a powerful PHP library for Bitrix24 REST API that I created for solving my own problems and now I am happy to share it with you.

bitrix24-php-sdk (unofficial) on GitHub

Have any questions? Feel free to contact me via forum or visit my profile for more options.


// init lib
$obB24App = new \Bitrix24\Bitrix24();

// set user-specific settings

// get information about current user from bitrix24
$obB24User = new \Bitrix24\User\User($obB24App);
$arCurrentB24User = $obB24User->current(); 
Edited: Maxim Mesilov - 11/10/2014 00:28:24
Заказная разработка приложений для Bitrix24

I sent you an email, please check when you have a minute:)
Brian Rodgers
Hi Maxim,
I am a php developer from Israel. My client uses Bitrix24 CRM. I have just downloaded crm local enviroment on my mac with mamp.
Are you familiar with the structure of the crm files? for example i see that there are many contacts.php in crm but i don't know which one influences the localhost:8888/contacts.php (ru lang).
Thnx, Daniel
Edited: B24_10618171 - 02/03/2017 01:44:40
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are already using Bitrix24