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API auth usage for Non-partners?
I notice that it is possible to update leads by using a URL such as by adding the username password as variables in the URL.  Although this works, I'm not liking the fact that the password is passed as a variable in the URL.  I note there is an Oauth method for doing this, but not being a partner, I don't have access to creating "APPS" or getting a Key for authorization.   I'm not interested in becoming a "partner", I'm wondering if there is a method or way of simply accomplishing inporting leads via the API securely that does not require being a "partner"?
Hi Christopher,

We are considering the additional way to access Bitrix24 REST API for Cloud accounts without becoming a partner (in other words "for own needs";) Maybe I will be able to share some update on this subject later.

You may also find this post helpful - Lead creation from external services


That would be great.  Although I'm sure being a partner would be advantageous for many reasons, it seems a bit overkill for someone who simply wants to perform simple tasks, such as retrieving contacts, inserting or updating minor info, etc.  In my opinion this is a must have option for web designers that want to provide various communications between the clients website and bitrix, as well as.  All other CRM/Sales/task cloud applications that I use have open APIs for customers, including ZOHO, Insightly, etc.  I have implemented method for inserting Leads into Bitrix, and it works quite well, but I would be very happy to see the ability to have access to all of the functions of the API. Thanks for the update, please keep me posted on further developments, I'm developing a few websites for clients, and i'm sure these will be requirements.  I really like bitrix, it is by far the best CRM/Collaboration tool that I have tested so far.  But API access for simple tasks is a must have.  

Thanks Yana
Thanks for your arguments, we understand them quite well. :-)


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