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Company and contact information not parsed in DocDesigner, DocDesigner do not show information regarding customer company and contact correctly

I am testing Bitrix24 for our company. I am looking at DocDesigner to layout invoices, however, it seems that
DocDesigner is not working properly. The problem I am facing is that all the customer information are
not parsed. That is, the variables occur in the PDF, HTML, or DOC instead of the actual information.
For instance, in my invoice there is {Company.TITLE} instead of "Samsung". It is the same with pretty
much all data related to leads, contacts, and companies. Other examples are {Company.ADDRESS_LEGAL},
{Company.PHONE}, {Deal.COMPANY_ID}, {Contact.ADDRESS} and so on. In contrast, the information
regarding our own company is parsed and shown correctly, e. g., our company name, logo, or address.

In addition, I would like to ask if there are any chances that DocDesigner also covers quotes in the near
future. I have read other threads already and know that it seems to be a restriction of Bitrix24 actually.
However, are you in contact with the guys from Bitrix and do you know why there is such a restriction.
It is surprising to me since it is something that several users asked for, thus, increasing the usability of
Bitrix remarkably.

Many thanks!

Check html-source. Are variables not "broken" by any tags? It should be {Company.TITLE}. No any other symbols between { and }.

Hi Alexey,

I checked the HTML code, but everything looks fine. Also, I used the right click conext menu to insert the
variables to avoid flaws due to wrong spelling and such. How can I test if those variables are available at all?
As I said many of them are not working.

Best regards,
Hello Saman Bazrafshan,

It works. Is it problem for user with admin rights? It would be better if you'll send your html-code as txt-file to our support via built-in ticket system. Describe your case step-by-step.

It does not in my case and that is what is important to me ;)

Yes, it happens with admin rights. I am most wondering why it works for some information such as our company data
or product data of an invoice with prices etc., but it does not for a single variable concerning the customer company or
contact and so on. Anyway, I will open a ticket but I fear that this may take some time.

Knowing that it did only not work for me brought me on the right track.  The problem was
that I set up my browser to accept cookies only from  visited sites only. Since there is a redirect
involved there has been no  permission to use cookies. Thus, I manually added an exception
to that  rule allowing DocDesigner to use cookies. Variables are shown correctly  now.


Thank you for your response.

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