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REST API, auth token

What i'm trying to do is migrate users from my current platform to Bitrix. I already created my network and now i'm trying to understand how to import data to Bitrix. I want to use this API method:

As far as i understand all i need is my network domain and auth token. First i know (of course ;)), but i didn't find any way to get auth token for my network. I'm stuck and i must say i'm not a newbie in developing things. I don't want to become a partner, I don't want to create some app. Just want to call API on my network.

Any help will be appriciated :)


Will i get answer for this question? Without it i can't even start preparation for data migration tests and without them i can't buy license for bitrix24.
Hi Maciej,

Unfortunately you cannot do that without app creation. Please note that you don't have to become a partner if you want to create an app for your intranet only.


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