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API: crm.lead.list with Custom Fields, Getting Custom Fields with the crm.lead.list REST API method
Hi, I was able to use crm.lead.list to fetch Leads, and crm.lead.get to fetch a Lead with a specific ID with all the Custom Fields, but, I would like to use crm.lead.list to fetch Leads with all the Custom Fields already. (or with the Custom Fields I specify).

Is this possible? Because otherwise I would have to use crm.lead.list, then do another API call with crm.lead.get for each result, which is less convenient and also much slower (and more painful for your server!)...

Many thanks!

Use select key with ['*', 'UF_*']

Brilliant, thank you Alexey!

For anyone checking this later, the working URL was as follows:[]=*&select[]=UF_*

This gets you all Lead fields including custom Lead fields, as custom fields start with "UF_" internally.  :)
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