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features I would like to see
Here are some features that I think would improve Bitrix, and render it even more powerful:
- integration of Google maps next to the address, for quick localisation of customer site (great if you need to organise a trip there)
- a tick box in the History tab for quick erase of multiple entry: I use the history tab most to record my communications with my customers. I do not really need to see when I edited the address or the name. This info, I erase every time,  But that means I spend valuable time erasing line per line when I complete the fields of a lead or contact. If you included a tick box for multiple erase, that would be great.
- a LinkedIn option in the new lead / contact "site" section... To me it makes more sense than Facebook or Twitter, as LinkedIn is more professional... I personally do not interact with my prospects on these... only on LinkedIn.
- And again, the possibility to assign several contacts to the same deal!!! This is really important, as often, more than one person are involved in the purchase decision. This has been requested many times (not only by me)!

That said, I am glad that Bitrix is slowly getting better with every updates.

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