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Extranet user can see Company structure, as a optional feature
In many cases partner, lead, fun, member, freelancer... should be able to see entire Company structure.
Hi Bojan,

Thansk for the suggestion, we'll think about the scenario - as for many clients this is not acceptable when the extranet users see the company structure, may be the access permissions settings can be an option for our future plans.


Thanks for a fast answer and please,
if Bitrix24 decide for such option let it be only in professional cloud edition and both self hosted editions.
Hello. I have a general query.
Currently My company structure is like
trinamix head--> dubai, india, japan, USA.
dubai-->sales Dept.
India --> HR--> Sales
japan--> sales
USA--> HR-->marketing-->Sales

But now
1 .we want to chnge this whole structure.
we want this to be HIERARCHICAL

CEO-->preseident 1, preseident 2
presi1--> VP1
VP1--> director 1, director2
director1--> senior manager1, senior manager2
senior manager1--> employees
so that when we go higherwe get to see supervisors and people to whom other people report.
and also
2. when I will check CEO, there should be list on who reports to him
senior manager
It would be great.
Please suggest how to do it?
Hi Saikat!

Please see our Training course
2. when I will check CEO, there should be list on who reports to him
Supervisors can view working time reports – for their immediate departments, or for subdepartments as well which depends on the settings.


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