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Always be able to grab the URL of a task, In case of the new task pop-up window, you cannot grab the URL
I often find myself referring to the URL of a task, mostly right after creating it, in a related Activity Stream post.

A new task tends to open in a pop-up window, so the URL you'd copy from the address bar points towards the task listinstead of the specific task.

See attached screenshot, which I created like this:

1. Open My workspace > Tasks
2. Click New Task
3. Click Full task form (I create most tasks like this so I can add myself as an observer)
4. Enter task details
5. Click Add task.

After I submit the task, a number is assigned. I'd expect to grab the URL of the task easily after submitting it. The URL is pointing towards the list though. So then you have to go through the task list to find the task, open it and get the URL.

I submitted this to Bitrix24 as TID#604508 and suggested to have the task number in the top left be a permalink as an easy fix but was asked to post the request here for your consideration. So here it is! :)
Tip: Task windows also pop-up when you click the task name in Activity Stream. There, you can opt to click the time stamp for a permalink which opens the task in a full window.
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