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Purchase Order, Create simple Purchase Order
Yes I know this really lives with accounts but having a product library and the quotation system which seems to work very well - I am finding that we have no way to raise a simple Purchase Order and I have to tell the office to look at the quote and order the parts I have quoted there.

So the logical step is to raise a Purchase order based on the quote using the same product codes - next thing of course would then be stock control but lets not rush into that.

The PO would be nice though it could have the status - draft - approved - placed on order - received etc

Suppliers of course could be listed on the CRM with all contact details etc

Any one else think this might be useful for the smaller companies?
Hi Richard,

Thanks for sharing, I'm not sure about the PO, but we may consider the Suppliers section. Thank you.



We are also searching for an alternative to our ERP and Bitrix24 seems amazing!
But to be a complete company management system it will need to have Orders, Suppliers, Stock Control and a few more details, and to be adapted by Bitrix partners to the laws of each country.

But we understand that initially Bitrix24 was not to be a complete company management system, only an intranet with social network, so converting it to a complete system may take some time.

We are however already analyzing the possibility to develop what it needs.

Best regards,
David Duarte


We're considering Bitrix24 as a solution for our company but the ability to produce a Purchase Order automatically is critical considering the volume of customers and the variety of vendors we work with. I'm trying to avoid employing staff to perform what could / should be a simple automated process when they could be far more effective elsewhere in the business. A supplier module would seal the deal for us.

Colin Roberts
Greencom ICT

For us is also critical to have Purchase Order. Please make this function available in Bitrix24. Thank You a lot!

Kind Regards,

Fintur Ltd
We need PO's also, if this could be added it would be fantastic

Purchase Order with draft, place order, delivery date will be great. Please make this function available in Bitrix24.
Thank You a lot!  
Indeed, the ability to create purchase order from a quote is a must in this system.

Any plans to develop such module?
i need Manage Inventory & Prices, Build Quotes, Send Invoices & Track Payments and Quickly create quotes, invoices, purchase and sales orders
plleae help me
sales.png (105.96 Kb)
inventory.png (42.58 Kb)
We also need POs, desperately. Please, please, PLEASE add this feature.
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