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Task template linked to group

I'm looking for a way to create a set of task (main task and subtask) for each group I create that are already linked to the group where I create them.

Right now when I create task from a template it create the task and subtask but they are not linked to the group.

I think this feature would be very helpfull for many people because we will save alot of time on each new project .

thank you
Yes I'm agree with that.
Please fix this issues for all user is very important.

Thank you!
Yep, this one is very important feature, but was missed from the beggining.
Can we vote to increase development priorities?

Currently when you create a new task using the template - this task is bound to the group (based on the template bound to the same group). but when you clcik create subtask fr om the template - you are redirected to the subtask template creation form (wh ere you need to establish the group connection)

Would you like to change the subtask from template creation process?



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