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Workgroups need -> Projects and projects need -> Tasks ??, Improve how Workgroups function please. Need Projects inside Workgroups and Projects need Tasks
Workgroup is made up of selected persons. Not everyone needs to be in each Workgroup
The people in a Workgroup have different Projects they are working on.
For example, all the people in Website Development Workgroup might have 2 or 8 projects going on.
So in each Project, there are Tasks

Like this:
Workgroups are created
  Members are assigned to be part of a Workgroup  ( a group of staff, members, working on same type of issues/projects)
     Workgroups have Projects, several projects at a time
         and Projects have Tasks, probably many Tasks per Project
                  a task is assigned to probably one person

It is not very helpful the way Bitrix does it now.
It SHOULD be like this:

 Workgroup 001 - Website Development
                  (might have three members, for example)
    Project - Text & Content Updates
             Task - Replace Terms and Conditions
                             Assigned to Frank, a member in this Workgroup
             Task -   Insert new logo and button designs
                             Assigned to Kevin, a member in this Workgroup

   Project - Add Blog
                   Task - create new blog page and add RSS
                   Task - create link and feed on home page to display last 4 blog entries with link to blog
                   Task  - announce new blog on twitter and create press release for release Monday Oct 4
Workgroup 002- Marketing & Advertising
    (might have four members)
 Project - Create New Brochure for SMB PBX
             Task (assigned to Cindy) - create four page brochure, using new images
             Task - (assigned to Mark) create price list for three size businesses. Advise how prices compare to GoProPBX
             Task - (assigned to Mary) get quote fr om Printsy and Vista Print ; 1,000 copies
Hi Gregory,

Thanks for the detailed description, we'll consider your suggestion.


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