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Improve Absence Chart, To be used effectively as HR solution to track workdays/times
Improve the Abscence Chart to be used as a solution for HR department instead of keeping track on Excel Sheets:

- Have all the names of the team appear, regardless if they are present or the moment the name appear only when they are absent.
- Ability to add lower level staff to the list (staff that do not use bitrix) so we can use this as an HR solution.
- Have the list easy to print once a month for payroll
- Have the ability to show Public Holidays on the chart with the name of the holiday
- Have the option to have Change Days Off to another day..
- Have the option to add the yearly holiday per staff member and able to keep track on number of days that was used and what is available.
- Have the option to have a few hours leave.. or add a few Hours of Over Time !
- Have the option to show a WORK on Day Off

Basically have this on a full scale solution to track staff attendance for payroll and for future planning of holidays..
There could be other functionality that I did not think about.. so please feel free to add !

Thank you
Edited: M K - 02/15/2016 14:38:25
Any feedback on this please ???
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