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New Activity Types (or show "Information" History item on Activity Tab) in CRM, CRM Feature Request
Often we want to simply enter some newly acquired Info about a prospect, or record a Type of Communication other than a CALL, EMAIL, or MEETING.
For example, a Communication sent via LinkedIn Messaging, or an inbound email to a different email address, or a news event related to the prospect company, or whatever. But there really is no good place to enter this info now. Yes, we can use the HISTORY Tab and ADD EVENT and there we can enter INFORMATION, or VIRTUAL MEETING, or RESEARCH, etc. This is in fact almost what I'm suggesting. However, non of it shows up under ACTIVITY. So it's a bit convoluted, you have to check both Tabs. And I prefer using the Activity Tab.

Make sense?
Agreed ... is there a way the activity tab to show all that intead of moving between tabs?
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