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Make Wiki Formattable via CSS
I've been struggling to try to include CSS in my wiki pages, in order to format them better (using Wikipedia's formatting as a reference).

Every attempt gets blocked by Bitrix24 in one way or another. Usually it deforms my html code (like changing "<script>" to "<sc ript>").

It would be really nice to at least be able to include CSS manually somehow, and it would be even better to have an actual format-editing page built in to the wiki tool that could define what things like "h1" and "h2" and "blockquote" looks like.
I'd also like to see the list of categories at the bottom of a wiki article arranged according to the way they were tagged in the article itself, or according to their hierarchy. As of now it seems to be arranging them according to the order in which the categories were created, or perhaps it's just random.
Edited: Alex Whitt - 04/30/2016 19:09:56
I'm also struggling to try to include CSS in my wiki pages, and saving changes <style> to <st yle>  :evil:

Is there any progress on this or comment against it?
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