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CRM: personal / company custom call logging entry field layout, To have the ability to drag/drop (or by other method) adjust the layout of the order in which the call logging box is shown within the CRM.
In light of the new call log alterations, I propose the following:

I'd like to propose that we can lay out the call box as is most proficient for our call operations.

For me personally, it makes most sense If I could order it in this format

1: Who is making the call - [Responsible person]
2: To whom is the call being made - [ CRM Lead / contact name ]
3: At what time is the call being made - [ Current time / Time of call ]
4: What is the calls purpose - [subject]
5: What occurred within the call - [Description] & [Deal]
6: has this call been concluded - [completed tick box]
7: are any further actions required - [reminder / calendar note]

It's no short irony this is very close to the previous layout, but it is in this order of content that a call can be processed fluidly. The current layout requires that I cannot [tab] key to the next relevant box. Instead, I now find myself clicking a lot more - and each call taking slightly longer to process. Multiply this over many hundreds of calls and the effect is notable.

With a personally customizable lay out each operator can set their layout to maximise efficiency
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