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Skin and Text Display Requests, Simple request to improve UI interfaces to more user friendly.
Hi I have  request for Bitrix

1- Ability manage and input text on tasks with Bold, Italic... anyhow basically the same text functionalities when posting on this forum( would be great to have them on when writing tasks. This would enable the person writing the tasks with tools to better communicate what we are delegating. It seems to me that this is a basic feature that must be in any text UI.

2- This is a more personal request but I would love to have the option to change themes or skins on the cloud version of bitrix. I understand that this is only available on self-hosted version. Would be nice to have it in could as it would improve UX in my opinion. I personally would love to have a Dark theme for bitrix.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in any of these requests.

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