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integration with Sharepoint
hello there!
I realize that it is possible to edit documents using Office Online or GDocs,
but is it possible to synchronize the drive with the drive of MS Sharepoint?

Or the calendars?

Hi Zac,

We have only Lists section synchronized with MS Sharepoint.

Kind Regards,

I'm not sure I understand, what do you mean by Lists sections?

Not to hijack this thread, but... I went to "Lists" and added elements. However, there seems to be a "bug" in being to select the type of field. Once I used one type of field (e.g., Text), that option is not available in the dropdown list as a means of formatting other fields that I add. It is like some field formatting options can only be used once.
Hello Yana.

I am currently using Bitrix online and I would like to synchronize some lists with Sharepoint. Could you please explain how to do it?

Best regards.
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are already using Bitrix24