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Package Suggestion, Suggesting a new package for Bitrix

I would like to suggest a package if you don't mind.

There are many small size operators who have say 2 - 3 employees or contractors maybe more and few clients. Your Free Package will suite such people almost right but they need to add clients but they can't. Hence, I am suggesting to have the same or a similar package to the Free one but make it say $12 or $20 a month and allow such people like myself to invite clients to it. It will server you well as:
1- You will gain some income - ok nut much but better than nothing
2- You will have such small operators market your product to their clients and hence more exposure.

This is just a thought and if it happens I will be the first to use your system.

Currently I am using a paid version of Teamwork and would live a CRM to be added to it, your software has what I need but I don't need that much disk space nor I need that many users.

Think about it and see if that will make good business sense for you.

Thank you for listening  
Hi George,

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it to our commercial department.  

Kind Regards,

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