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Some feature requests
* Possiblity to send files fast and fluid via chatbox.
* Meeting room booking for cloud version.
* Possiblity to export the results of a poll. A list of the names for each question item in some form would be nice.
* Possiblity to set a poll for anonymous voting.
* Access counter for files/posts or possibility to add a analytics code.
* Simple structured content pages with a title and WYSIWYG-editor instead of wiki where you have to organize structure yourself.
* A normal user should see all extranet users (sometimes different people work together with the same clients).
* Cloud hosting at AWS EU
* Make drive synchronization more stable (several bugs since last releases). Drive is what distinguishes you from other competitors. I don't know any other product that has its own file sync tool - you should really work on having a stable software with that. Is drive file transfer ssl-secured?
* auto-update for desktop software
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