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Knowledge Management
Hello there !

Can anyone explain to me how do I use the features available on Bitrix24 for Knowledge Management of my company ?
My company is similar to that of McDonalds.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Hamsheed,

Bitrix24 KM module is represented by 3 main features: eLearning & Idea Management are available in Bitrix24 self-hosted version, Wiki is available in both. You can find Wiki in Workgroups in Bitrix24. Wikis in Bitrix24 are created with a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. As usual, changes are immediately visible upon saving and new wiki content is immediately added to the wiki index by page name.

E.g. you can create a workgroup for new employees with Wiki containing all information a new employee needs to know for fast & easy onboarding.

Kind Regards,

Hello Yana,

Thanks for your input. What do you suggest me ? Shall I opt for the self-hosted version considering my business which is related to that of the McDonalds ?

And also, can you please elaborate on how do I use the 3 features, that is eLearning & Idea Management for my company?

Thank you in anticipation.

Dear Hamsheed!

If KM features are exactly what you are looking for, I suggest our self-hosted version will be the best choice for you. Besides these options this version offers additional customization possibilities. We have a great partner in Singapore who will be happy to assist:
Phone: +65 61009088
Location: Singapore

The cost of licensing Bitrix24 through a partner is the same as purchasing from us directly, but partners also offer value added services that we don't, such as training, consulting, integration and customization of Bitrix24.

Feel free to email them with your business needs description & questions.

Kind Regards,

Dear Yana,

Following to your advise, I attempted to download the self hosted version. Unfortunately, when I launch the installation, it says that the setup files are corrupted and get a new copy of the software. What is wrong with the software that I've downloaded ?

Hey Yana,

I managed to install the environment manually.. After I have done the steps as stated in the installation guide.. I came up with the following errors:
See the image attachment below.

Note that I have not installed the  Bitrix Virtual Appliance VMware Edition. Is that causing an issue ?

Kindly, please help to proceed so as I get the e-Learning and Idea Management features :)
Thank you.


Hi Hamsheed,

Please contact our Helpdesk for the self-hosted version. Thank you.

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