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Can`t invite members to workgroup, When I press on Employee his name does not appear in "Invite company emplyees:" field and i can`t send Invitation.
the message screenshot has been deleted (due to owner's request)

First, please check if you have enough access permissions to invite users to the workgtoup (open the workgroup>actions>group parameter>more - check if you have right to invite new group members).

In case access permissions are set correctly & you're experiencing tech difficulty with choose & add new user activities - please contact our Helpdesk with thi screenshot. thank you.

Kind Regards,

Access permissions are set correctly. Currently we use demo version. Is it possible to register in HelpDesk with this version?
Sure, please do!

I don`t understand how I contact with HelpDesk. In HelpDesk page I press Enter but I remain in the same page.
If you have a social networks authorization - please go to Bitrix24 Network Profile Page - click edit, add your email address & create password for that email address there. Now try to log into the Helpdesk again.

I login to the Helpdesk but can`t understand how to to continue.

Dear B24_1207141,

Please advise what is your portal's name? (e.g. & email address.

(you can email us at info (at) bitrix24 (dot) com )

We use self-hosted version
Got it! That is why you can't submit a ticket - that Helpdesk is for Cloud users, Self-hosted versions helpdesk is here

I'll move this topic to the self-hosted forum discussions section.

Kind Regards,


Please hide the names or delete picture from the first post.

Kind Regards,
done ;-)
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