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Time Tracker vs Reporting in Bitrix24 Self-hosted Version
I’m using Bitrix24 self-hosted version.
Now I have some questions relating to setting worktime report and work report. Please support me in the following situation:
Everyday my employees do the “clock-in” when they arrive the office and “clock-out” before leaving. When clicking “Clock Out”, the Daily Report popup comes out. Only when they report all the activities they have done that day, they can complete the step of “clock-out” to finish a working day.
As the administrator:
1.    Time Tracker

I can see the total time my employees spend a day on working.
I have set “Daily Report Required” in Settings. Does this step result in the fact that my employees have to report before clocking out?

2.    Reporting:

I also chose “Daily Report” at 5pm for Report Settings. But no Notifications has been found by any of my employee around that time. Instead, they often see the Notification in the next morning, when they click “Clock In”.
If they finish the report, they can clock in as usual.

My questions are:
1-    What are the differences between these 2 reports?
In a general scenario, how things happen for the employee’s reports?
2-    If I just use the report in Time Tracker, I cannot assess the report of my employees.
3-    Why I did set the exact time of 5pm, the Notification still pops up in the next morning – not at my expected time?
(I also set the time zone exactly in Control Panel).

Thanks for your support!
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Hi Phuong!

You can read about Working Day Tool here & about Worktime Summary here.

The notes you enter to the Working Day tool together with tasks & events from the widget are added to the user's report automatically, please note that user can edit (or even delete) these notes before sending the final version of the report to the supervisor.

User can access his report easily from the working day tool widget: (see "daily report" in the screenshot below):

If the reporting is set on the "weekly" base, the user will see the weekly report reference in his working day tool on the report day (e.g. Friday):

Users reports can be accessed from Company>Work Reports - please note that you can see report of your subordinates only:

About the notificatipon timing problem - please contact our Helpdesk for the slef-hosted version.

Kind Regards,

Now I suppose that we have two separate kinds of report: Time tracker to control the total time spent on working by employees and Reporting for checking tasks.

So, I intend to have a new scenario:
1. Time tracker used everyday and Reporting every week (at weekend). Accordingly, employees are required to Clock in and Clock out daily;
2. Complete a Work report every Saturday. And administrator can score each employee through Reporting.

Please confirm if this scenario is appropriate.  
How to remove the work report at bitrix24? It always appeaar, i want to remove it. :cry:  
Hi, Wengy Lau:
Wengy Lau wrote:
How to remove the work report at bitrix24? It always appeaar, i want to remove it.  
You must be an Admin or Supervisor of Department to turn off that feature. To turn off it, click on "Time and Reports" then click on "worktime", you will see the "gear icon-settings" click on it, then you will see the "gear icon" appear beside the department / users. Click on that gear and turn off the work report or setting it.

Same with "Work reports"

For more detail you can find here:

Contact Bitrix24 Helpdesk to get support or contact us ( to get support services.

Best Regards,
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