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Self hosted installation problems, Demo install freezes on windows virtual server, and Amazon can't locate the virtual appliance at all..

 I've tried to self-install the demo a couple of different ways with no luck.  I've submitted a support request, but figured I'd see if anyone here has encountered the same issues, and found a resolution..  
1. Amazon web services - Cannot locate either "Bitrix Virtual Appliance" or "bitrix24" in the AWS Marketplace.

2. Installed virtual appliance on a Windows Virtual machine, and the
installation interface shows up, but when I choose to install Bitrix24
BizPace, Demo Version the progress bar bounces between 1% and 4% for an
extremely long time.   When left overnight, the package finally
downloaded, but I encountered the following error:

[ERR_SIZE_CHECK] Extracted file '/home/bitrix/www/./bitrix/modules/catalog/load_import/commerceml_g_setup.php' have incorrect file size '' (11491 expected). Archive may be corrupted


1. What steps do I need to follow to get B24 installed?   (The amazon_guide.pdf document is not clear on where to do this)
2. Will most recent release of Bitrix solve this problem?

Thoughts anyone?

I am facing the same trouble. Installation bouncing between 1-3% back and forth.

Was there a solution?

Thank you

support ref: [TID#768931]
Hi Jordan & Pavel!

We do have great partners in different regions who’ll be happy to assist. The cost of licensing Bitrix24 through a partner is the same as purchasing from us directly, but partners also offer value added services that we don't, such as training, consulting, integration and customization of Bitrix24.


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