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Emailed forwarded to CRM cropping some content, Emasil sent to CRM email address crop some content form the body when inserting into lead/company record
HI team,

I have tested the forward email function of the CRM system and it has a few issues.
The email is getting tracked against the appropriate company, or lead, but it is cropping/removing some of the content when doing so.

on 3 occasions, i have sent an email from outlook with crm account BCC, this email gets tracked perfectly.
I get a reply from the customer, and forward to the crm account, and the system is cutting out the reply from the customer.
It loads the from, to, title, etc but the reply text from the client is missing.
This defeats the purpose of it - can someone please help.

Hi Shane!

Please report this to our Helpdesk here. Thank you.


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