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Synchronization problem on self-hosted Bitrix, Local folder Bitrix24 and My Drive not sync
OK friends,

I began transition on Bitrix in company that I work for. SO first thing I started to transfer documents and files on Bitrix "My Drive". I installed Bitrix24 desktop app and copy documents in local folder Bitrix24. Some files that are copied in local folder Bitrix24 are not sync with My Drive. They have "pending" sign, not green "check" sign. Even after several days. I notice in section Bitrix24.Drive in Bitrix24 Desktop App, synchronization is active, and trying to sync some files, but nothing's happening (example: synchronization 0-14). I guess it stuck on some files.. so it can't go on to next file, so some files are not sync at all...

When I share some folder in Bitrix My Drive with other users, those files are shown on there My Drive, but they are not fully copied on there local folder Bitix24. All folders are copied but files in those folders are not.
Hi Đorđe ,

Please report this to our Helpdesk for the self-hosted verison.

Please note that several file formats are not supported: .exe, .php, .lnk, .tmp, .ini,.pl.
Files names should not contain any of the following symbols: / \ : * ? " ' | { } % & ~


Not having "&" allowed in the file or folder name is a problem for my company. We are currently using the self-hosted version. Are there any plans to fix this?
Hi Brock,

I can't promise, but we'll consider.


I think there is a problem with using the desktop app to sync at multiple locations. If you have two separate locations or computer logged into the same account, they can start to delete each others. For example, "Computer A" has files synced with the server and back to "Computer B". If you begin to work offline with "Computer A" and delete / change files, I don;t know of a way to sync "Computer A" back to the server so the server now reflects those changes. Additionally, if "Computer A" app is left open and "Computer B starts to make changes to the file on that desktop, there's no way for me to tell which files are syncing to where.

Suggestion 1: Allow for only one username to be logged into the desktop sync app at once, or at least make this an option. "Check here to allow multiple logins"
Suggestion 2: Have a clearly defined syncing direction in the sync now option. Possibly "Sync up to server" or "Sync down to folder"

If anyone has suggestions that can help me with my issues, they are greatly appreciated.
Hi Brock,

Please contact our Helpdesk with this scenario & suggestions, thank you.


We have very similar problems. Self hosted bitrix version.

Basically and I don't know why this isn't communicated anywhere I can tell is that most IT professionals may not purchase the software if they do know?

The desktop sync works, but it does not work in the way you would expect it when deleting files fr om the synced folder. It deletes it on the local machine but does not delete the file from the main intranet, or any other person who has that folder synced.

Support has suggested  that this is a  behaviour that they want in the concept yet have said they are working to add a delete function to the system so that ir propagates the deleted changes through the system. While they cannot give me and ETA, or a roadmap they have said that this function is coming.  the defence was that it is to protect the items from deletion but the reality is that does not add up. since you could do the same in the intranet anyway. thats why we have backups and recycle bins and permissions right.

unfortunately you will always get push back from team members who struggle to use a webpage intranet. citing typically speed of access as opposed to a synced drive that works in windows explorer, but using bitrix with windows explorer is at this stage not fully functioning as you would expect. (IE Full Sync)

also there seems to be the same behavior when you move files and folders around in the windows explorer synced folder. i assume based on the same principal of not letting deletions throw through to the intranet.

Unfortunately the file system and the version control of the folders and files is a big impact for us and we cant bring our users over and have to find and alternative solution regardless of how cool i think the bitrix product is.

Cheers Chris :D

(PS i really do think you should state somewh ere obvious about the desktop sync behaviour)
Hi Chris!

Here you'll find some of the most common Desktop app issues.

Regarding sync - when you deal with files stored under My Drive - it will be deleted both ways (computer local folder & Bitrix24 My Drive), but in case with connected folders - e.g. when you connect a folder from Company Drive to My Drive - if you delete file at local folder on your computer, it won't delete in the web version of Bitrix24. This is done in purpose since Company Drive has been initially designed as shared folder - so this is a protection.

What was your exact scenario? Thanks.


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