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Access Control Panel After Update
During the latest updates that we posted, you had added an addition of a new side/chat menu bar. It is very nice.
However, the control panel and administrator notification bar along the top of the site was also removed. I am now unable/unaware of how to access the control panel since I always used that as my access point. How do I get into the control panel now?
Scott Land, I've just installed the newest self-hosted version and also cannot see the administrative panel either. I believe it is possible to switch it on in template code. You can type /bitrix/ in the end of your portal URL and you will get to Admin Panel. It is common enter point for all Bitrix products.
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The solution suggested by Dmitriy is correct  -
type /bitrix/ in the end of your portal URL
after that you can open Settings in the admin panel & set the system to always show\not hide you the admin panel.


Sorry Yana, but after the last upgrade we have made yesterday, the control panel just disappear and we can't re-enable via /bitrix/

When i click control panel tab in my self hosted it goes to login page. Even i enter proper login details i cant login.

Please type /bitrix/admin/ at the end of your portal address. You can change the default behavior in the main module settings after.


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