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Self Hosted MS SQL Install
I am trying to install the self-hosted BizPace edition using sql server 2008 as the back end.  For whatever reason, I keep getting the error "Error connecting to the database server. Please check parameters. Please check that the database server is started." on the database creation step.  I entered the server in this format hostname\instance so not sure what's the issue.  Thanks.
Hi Lori,

Please advise if you followed these instructions? In case if you still have this problem, please contact our Help desk.

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Kind Regards,
The link you've provided contains instruction for an older PHP and Bitrix.  The one that I have is PHP 5.3x, IIS7.5, and Bitrix 12.5.  The screens and options are no longer the same.  I have installed the MS PHP sql server driver php_sqlsrv_53_nts.dll and saved it in the proper extension folder.  The only sql server option allowed during installation is "Microsoft SQL Server (Native)" and I was presented with a different screen than the one in the instruction.  No matter how many different combination of hostname\instance options I've tried, none of them worked.  I always receive the same error: "Error connecting to the database server. Please check parameters. Please check that the database server is started."  I've also logged the ticket with help desk.  Thanks.

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Thanks, I did install the Bitrix environment to test the added features.  However, we are trying to install and test the application as we would install in a production environment.  It looks like the ms sql installation for version 12.5 is different than previous versions.  Please advise.  Thanks.

Please follow these instructions:

In the "Server" field enter IP-adress or the name of the server in the network, where the database is installed.
We will fix the required template of the "Server" field shown in the installation master and renew the description in our training course.
In case if the installation master will not manage to connect to the database, check if the connection is established using Microsoft SQL Management Studio.



I've tried putting in the IP and the server name, none of them worked.  I then installed management studio 2008 and was able to connect to the database successfully from there.  Is there anything else I am missing?  The remote database server and the bitrix server are both 64 bit machines.  Does that matter?  Thanks.
Dear Lori,

Please continue the discussion in the ticket. We've sent you a sample code to check the DB connection parameters.

We've also provided a link to some problem resolutions found at It can help.


FYI, the issue has been resolved.  For other's benefit, the issue was with the sql server native driver installed on the bitrix server.  My remote database server is 2008 R2 so I only installed the 2008 sql driver on the bitrix server.  Apparently, only the 2012 sql server driver works when the environment involves PHP and IIS.  Hope this helps someone.
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