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Search and Task features
Hi all,

i am testing Bitrix24 self-hosted version, and for now i can tell that this product it's amazing,
all the things i need for my company are here.  

The only two things that i can't do are

1) use search engine to find events in calendar,
2) add custom field to tasks.

Someone can tell me if there are some settings to configure to allow this features
or Bitrix24 cannot do it ?

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my english !!)

Best regards.

Hi Paolo,

1) calendar events search - not available, suggestion put to the dev team.

2) you can add custom fields to tasks (settings>system settings>custom fields). Object field - tasks.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

I am trying to add custom fields to tasks in the SAAS solution. Is this not possible?

Custom fields for tasks in Bitrix24 Cloud are not available.


How can you add your own fields to the list of the task menu option?

That is the List that has the options priority, date created , can I add my own options
Hi Fauya,

Task list cannot be customized with own fields, though you can use the settings gear in the right top corner above the tasks list to add or remove columns to the task list (here you choose from the available tasks options)


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