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Activity Stream Widget Timezone Problem, Widget seem to be one day ahead

All dates look fine across all module but one place, activity stream widget !
Look at the picture, It's dec 9 but an upcoming event for tomorow Dec 10 seem to be today and it doesn't make sense!

If i go to the calendar module, everything is ok and the highlighted day is realy today Dec 9 and if I create any other items , the date is ok but won't be the right day in the widget!

Someone can help please? thank you
Capture.JPG (64.74 Kb)
Dear Francis,

Please report this issue to our Helpdesk asap. Thank you!


We have a similar problem, it seems that in our case the reports use another time zone because everything that happens after 16:00 local time, it´s reported to the next day.  We have post our issue in helpdesk, but it has been worthless.
What is your ticket number?
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