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Really Slow? seems to have really slowed down. I don't think it is our internet connection as our download is around 70Mbps and upload is around 5Mbps and all other online services seem to be functioning as normal. Has anyone else noticed this in the last two days?
Edited: Clark Wray - 01/14/2014 22:27:02
Hi Clark,

Please submit a ticket to our Help Desk

I'm finding it super slow too and it keeps crashing. I've submitted a ticket, any help please?
Hi Lisa!

As you probably know, Bitrix24 is hosted in Amazon data centers in US and Europe. We have received a message from AWS, informing us about upcoming server maintenance and reboot that took place over the weekend. While we don't expect any service disruptions, please contact our help desk  if you still have any issues with your Bitrix24 account.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Here is our blog poston this issue.


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