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Upload Failing, Unable to upload workgroup image and unable to upload files
I added a new workgroup and tried to upload an image and it would not work.  I tried other images that I have successfully uploaded for other workgroups and they also failed.  I tried uploading the images to the company drive and it gave an error for every file saying it could not store the images.  Another employee said she got errors when trying to upload files.  Why are we having problems uploading files all of the sudden?  I tried several different images.  I tried 3 different web browsers (Firefox, Opera, and IE).  I even restarted my computer.  Nothing worked.  I checked the space used and we have barely used any of our allotment.  If we cannot upload files, this intranet site is of no use to us.  Please help!
Hi Ed,

Sorry to hear that! Please contact our Help Deskasap. (error screenshot applied will be helpful) We apologize for the inconvenience.
Kind Regards,

Thank you for your response Yana.  I tried it again today so that I could do screen snapshots and wouldn't you know that it worked.  I also tried loading multiple files and that worked as well.  Not sure why it wasn't working yesterday.  I guess it is like taking a car to the shop and the issue has disappeared.  Thank you anyway, it seems to have been resolved on its own.
Ok, good news :-) Hope the problem is solved, if it would repeat - please let our Help Desk know so that they can fix it.

Kind Regards,

Hi, have been using the free version and I am trying to upload approximately 18.5K leads - file is comma delimited CSV.

Unfortunately, Bitrix24 decided that it would allow only 5K. So split file into batches of 500 but as soon as I get to to 5K the system says it is uploading but when you look at the Leads it is still 5K - the newly uploaded ones have been ignored even though the system makes it look like it is uploading them.

So have gone for the 30 Day Trial of the Professional version to see if it was a limitation of the Free version - even though the forums state that there is NO limitation on leads or contacts. I even logged out and re-started the computer just to be sure that I was now on the Professional version.

SAME THING HAPPENS - IT WILL NOT ALLOW MORE THAN 5,000 LEADS even though everything says there is no such limitation!!!

Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Hi Garry,

All of your leads should have been uploaded - the 5K is the amount of leads displayed, but the system has more than 5K in fact, you can check it using the filters - filter by definite parameter and you will see that all of your leads have been imported in fact. Please note that this display limitation is done in purpose by us due to some technical issues - we apologize that this may have confused you. The amount of imported CRM items is not limited, the 5K is only the amount of items displayed.

Kind Regards,

Hello Yana,

I have uploaded documents in a work group called operations. These documents are modified every day on bitrix using google docs and worked smoothly up to 11.4.14.

We have tried multiple times this morning but no modifications are being saved or updated. The files are simple spreadsheets and we enter data on daily.

Please advise.

Hi Donny,

Please contact our Help Deskasap!


I'm trying to upload files to the drive, but get the message that the certificate is either "expired to not yet accepted". I've updated all possible certificates and Java, but apparently the problem is not on my side, but on the side of Bitrix24.

Application blocked: ImageUploader

Details Certificate:
Bitrix, Inc (VeriSign Class 3 Code Signing 2010 CA (VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5)
  VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5 (VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5)
      Temporary Aurigma Inc. ( Temporary Aurigma Inc.)

The validation for Aurigma is until 30 January 2014. Therefore, it's been expired for several months.

Can you kindly help?
B24_616373, unfortunately, the certificate really is out of date. We will update it.
Till then, for multiple file upload, you can use the Simple view instead of Classic and Standard.
I have the multiple file upload problem as well.  When are you going to update the certificate and/or how do you use Simple view instead of Classic and Standard?
Hi Kenny,

In Simple view you need to choose files one by one, not the most convenient way for multiple files upload, but until the other options will be fixed - that's the only way possible I'm afraid.

An update: The upload multiple files applet does work but it misses up to 50% of the files uploaded. The files uploaded completed dialogue shows, but up to half the files did not actually get uploaded. The solution is then to manually go through the list and see which files got 'lost' and then upload them manually. I think its safer and more time efficient to just upload all the files manually one by one... pity.
Hi Erik!

Please report this to ourHelpdesk

Kind Regards,

Добрый день. Проблема с загрузкой большого количества файлов за один раз Java апплет не загружаться. Когда будет обновлен сертификат для JAVA???  
Hi Андрей!

Please visit our Russian website forum for inquiries in Russian language. Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Please contact Help Desk.
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