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Change domain
Hi, I want to change the subdomain address, is that possible? If not, can I import my data into a new subdomain I create in Bitrix?
Hi Jade,

You can change your full domain name  - for your own domain name  - if you're Bitrix24 Professional plan subscriber. But I guess your question was about free plan subdomain name change - no, this option is not available, you can create only one domain for 1 email address now, but you can be invitited as employee to several domains. What i can propose you to do is either create new Bitrix24 account for a new email address or ask one of your employees to create a new portal and invite you there (you can be granted admin rights after) - but note that there is not "full account" import after, meaning you'll need to export several parts of your portal and start from scratch for employees, workgroups, etc.
Hi Yana,

I am the professional license holder and i simply need to setup the subdomain for the bitrix, what should i do ???? I have generated ticket but still waiting for the answer so please help us out.  
Our support team will reply asap, please provide all details in the ticket. Thank you.


Dear Sir or Madam,

1/          We – Tam Phuc Flow Solutions Ltd., Co. (TFS) in Vietnam who are using Cloud Standard version are writing to inform you about a serious issue happened to our company this morning. We’d like your urgent peruse and solution to solve the problem at the soonest possible. We also request a confirmation upon your receipt of our email.

-          This morning, my account named Ho Thuan Phuoc can not log in with the alarm as attached.
-          We managed to check from my profile history (please see attachment) and learnt that another user (named Bui Thi Phuong Linh) from other company Fine Wines is using my account. Even I can not use this account but it is showing online in TFS site.
-          We checked with this company and understood that a guy Bui Thi Phuong Linh from this company is actually using my account until now.
-          And Fine Wines told that they have just implemented Bitrix24 at the beginning stage and Younet SI is developing for them. Younet SI was also the one who developed Bitrix24 for our company. It seems that they made some mistakes during establishment and configure for Fine Wines Company, and finally made my account lost.

2/          We are also worrying about our database was disclosed to the other company Fine Wines as they can use my account, so they can access our database. And unfortunately, my account seized administrative rights, hence they can change (unintendedly or intendedly) anything in our structures.

3/          We will request Younet SI to hand over all configuration information for our retain in order to prevent repeated issue in future.

4/          And we propose you to work with Younet SI for a better control the Bitrix24 system and fix the hole/ bug like this.

We do look forward to hearing from you urgently as until now I don’t have account to work. Thank you.
Hi Duy Le,

We are sorry you had this experience. Our team will assist via email. Thank you.


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