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business process templates
it would be wonderful if there was a library of predone business process templates.  i think that is what makes this system so cool, a real game changer.  yet the average small business guy isn't exactly sure what is even possible.  if there were some examples to choose from that might wet our appetite to either edit the ones provided or get one of the proffesionals to help.  maybe some videos showing off what is possible.
Actually, there are a few pre-made business process templates. This functionality is available in the document library (please find detailed description of default BP templates here) and in CRM (Lead processing, Contact processing and Web store deal). BP templates in CRM are just examples; the document library has some very practical BPs.
Hi, I can't find these templates. Please can you provide screen shots.
Hi Alex!

For CRM - please see samples of BPs in this Training Course (scroll down to the bottom of the list, there will be 3 links)
For Lists - open Lists module, create new list or open existing one - click business process
For Doc Library - open Company Drive>More>Business Processes - you will see the list of BPs templates (if you don't see BPs under "More" - you may be working with BPs in  Drive for the first time - please enabled BPs option in More>Settings first)

Kind Regards,

Yana, I did everything that you said but I cannot find them. I´m able to "import" bussiness process. Could you upload to me?

Hi Agustin,

What exactly can't you find? or what you're looking for? More details will be helpful.

Thank you.


Hi I couldn't find the template I want either.

Simple Approval / Vote is the template that I'm looking for.
If your Bitrix24 instance supports workflows, here is how you can create the 5 standard processes (to learn workflow programming and/or use them as a base for new ones)

1. on Activity Stream, click on MORE > Processes > Settings
3. Voilá: the 5 standard (sample) processes are created at once!

Click on Leave Approval, for instance, to see the base list used by the BP and access the workflow template.


std-bp-3.JPG (16.69 Kb)
std-bp-4.JPG (32.76 Kb)
std-bp-5.JPG (77.13 Kb)
std-bp-1.JPG (19.86 Kb)
std-bp-2.JPG (21.7 Kb)
Ronaldo Radünz

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got it beautifully!  

Your solution seems like the exact answer I am looking for! However, Processes is not an option under "More" in my Activity Stream. Am I missing something?

I am using the Self-Hosted Version of Bitrix so Workflow Templates should be supported. Please help.

Thank you,

Andrew, on self-hosted edition, go to services menu - see pictures.
BP can also be found on CRM > SETTINGS > BUSINESS PROCESSES.

Ronaldo Radünz

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Thank you for your response. Still not really any luck. There are no BP templates that can be found under CRM-> Settings->BP as you can see in the images attached.
When clicking Services->BP there are only two BPs created which are Leave Request and Business Trip. The Business Trip one is useless to me. I am in need of the Purchase Request one.

Do you have any idea why no BPs are appearing under the CRM->Settings->BP? Is the self-hosted supposed to have access to the same BPs are the Cloud version has?

Maybe the best solution for self-hosted users can be to create a demo cloud version, export their pre-made BPs and then import them into my self-hosted version? Or maybe it'll be much easier if a cloud version user can upload their BPs. It'll be amazing if we can create a thread of BPs which we all can share to bounce around ideas..
Andrew, please contact me and I will send you the bp files.

BTW, this contact form is a great example of what can be done with workflows. Each submission will generate a new lead and start a BP inside Bitrix24.
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner

I'm trying to use bp, but i get the message: "The Business Processes module is not installed.", as you can see on image attached.

Can you help me please?


bp.JPG (96.32 Kb)
Hi Nuno,

you must be using the free version, it has no BP enabled.
You may want to activate the 30-day demo - see picture attached.
When you are ready to buy (professional or standard versions support BP), contact us and we will give you one hour free consulting to help you with workflows.

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
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