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Import companies in CRM, fields for import

I am new at Bitrix and I would like to import our companies into tte CRM. As instructed I have downloaded the CSV file so I can easily import required data. However there are things that I do not need in that CSV and its ok I will not use it but I would like to are: Account of the company, Key account Manger and few other things. How can I do that?
Hi Goran!

I'm afraid I didn't get your question. You can delete the unnecessary fields from your eaported CSV & import the file after. You can also first add new custom fields to Bitrix24 (CRM>Settings>Custom Fields> choose lead\contact\company - add new fields like
Account of the company, Key account Manger and few other things.
Import your file after.


Thank you for your answer. I think that you understood me and that you gave me a proper answer. I have as instructed in tutorial video downloaded CSV file before importing data into system because it is easier to fill in something that is already placed in CSV. Just felt that info in that CSV could be more structured to my needs. Some info I do not need  (
Personal PageFacebook PageLiveJournalTwitter )
and I could place these data which are interesting to me. Anyway  thank you for your support and  I will get back to you when I finish this task !!
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