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Add users without invite?, How can I add users without inviting them?
How can I add users without inviting them? I have several people that I wish to assign tasks to (for tracking and reporting), but do not wish to add them to the system as users. For example, I have vendors that I am awaiting items from. The responsibility is mine, but I wish to have a list of their pending tasks, status, etc.  

Also, I am testing the product for deployment in my department. I would like to build all the users, input some projects, test the functionality, then if we go with B24, add them as full users.

Q: How can I add users without the email/confirm invitation process?
Hi Philip!

You can add these persons as your CRM contacts\leads and attach these contacts to your tasks. But if want to transform these "fake users" to real users after - there is no way you'll transform CRM contacts into true Bitrix24 users, but you'll be able to add Bitrix24 users as participants to these tasks. Please note that there is no alternative way to add users without email confirmation process, so what I propose is more a work around - not sure if it will suite.
BTW you can invite test users & dismiss them after the test period, they will stay listed in Employees>dismissed, but will not be accounted in the amount of Bitrix24 users 7 won't be shown in Company Structure.

Kind Regards,

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