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Is it possible to migrate B24 to another B24, is migration between bitrix sites possible? Need instruction how to do it or guidance on migration practices.
Our company will be re-branding in the net few month. This will result in a new business name, new domain name and e-mail addresses. I did read somewhere on the forums that free version of B24 does not allow changing of the name and the only option is to create a new B24 site. And on top of that, we were unaware of B24 strict rules on some aspects of the service, like one cannot delete an employee once it has accepted invitation. So we have a few thing on out current site that we want to lose (resolve) through migration.

The question is, how do we migrate the content from old.b24 to new.B24 site? Most importantly Projects and tasks and associated comments. Is there export/import option? Or is there a migration tool/service?
Hi Larry!

Your Bitrix24 portal can be migrated to your on-premise server and 'rolled out' intoBitrix24 Self-Hosted Version. Cloud to cloud migration is not supported currently. But what you can do is export CRM lists of leads, contacts, companies, deals, etc. & import them to your new Bitrix24 Cloud account. Also you can synchronize your old Bitrix24 files to your computer & sync them back to your new account after. Tasks import\export option is not yet available unfortunately (we may add this option later).

Kind regards,

Thank you for the answer, Yana,

its a shame it will have to be a manual migration though, since we have to migrate from cloud to cloud and tasks are the bulk of the content.
I can't say we have plans for cloud to cloud migration - yet, but probably tasks import\export option may be implemented later.

Yana Prokopets wrote:

Your Bitrix24 portal can be migrated to your on-premise server and 'rolled out' into Bitrix24 Self-Hosted Version.
Does this mean that if we wanted to migration from the cloud option to the Self-Hosted version there is a setup that will allow us to make that migration?
Hi Kevin!

The migration is performed by our Helpdesk team - more details here.


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