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Setting up domain emails in Bitrix24, I can't set emails up in Bitrix24 because of MX Entries
Hi there,

I can't set up my domain emails to Bitrix24 because I need to keep my other MX entries in my CPanel. I have put the 'yandex' reference in there but the others must stay because I am using Zoho to host my email. I found that I had heaps of issues hosting my email with shared hosting companies for reasons that many of your would know.

So I don't think Bitrix24 is letting me configure my domain name email because of the other MX entries. Is there a workaround for this?

Secondly, I have never been able to figure out your invoicing system and it hasn't really worked for me so I do my invoices in a word document and then send them to my customers via creating an email as an activity against the client or company under the 'Deal' section. This has worked well in the past until I attempted to send it to a customer with a Gmail email address. I have heard that Gmail is pretty aggressive at blocking emails that it suspects is SPAM, any tips on how to get emails generated from Bitrix24 more legitimacy so that over reactive anti spam filters don't block them?
Hi Ryan,

Please contact our Helpdesk - they will assit.

As for Bitrix24 CRM Invoicing module, you may find this Training Course helpful.


I thing tha a lot of us are having the same problems with the email integration, so maybe it's time to make some changes in that matter and start helping us, so we can work with our domain's on our iOS devices or whatever we need.
You are great but you have to solve this problem so your software and solutions is perfect.
Hi Ernesto,

Thank you. Our recent update did not involve the CRM Mail integration, but we plan to have sevarl updates in this direction in our next release spring 2016. Meanwhile, I kindly advise to contact our Helpdesk to assist with the current issues. Thank you.


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