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Weekend days in tasks., How to set up the weekend days in tasks
I want to know if there is a way to set up the weekend days in tasks. I mean, in Intranet Settings I can select the weekend days, and it only works on Calendar, not in Tasks.
I want to put tasks on Saturday, and by default the Saturday is also selected as weekend day, and I don't want to.

Please guys, help us.
Regards to all.
Hi Ruben!

Can I kindly ask you to give more details? Are you talking about deafult tasks calendar view? or new task creation form, etc.? Thanks.


Hello Yana,

I'm talking about new task creation form and edit task from the creation form.

We are close to buy the subscription and that little issue is a obstacle.

The main goal is that I want to put Saturday as a Workday and not as a Weekend day. How I explained, by default Saturday is selected as a Weekend day.

Please, somebody?
Hi Ruben,

Thanks for the details, I see what you mean now  - you're observation is correct - currently weekend days configured in Intranet Settings are not applied to the tasks creation form calendar - I'll pass this observation to our devs.


Hi Yana,

I want to know if the function is going to be added in future short updates. As I told you, we are close to buying a subscription but are confused.

Please Yana, help us.

I am not sure about this spring release, maybe later.


Hi Bitrix24 team,
We are also stuck with the exact same requirement. Have you built it in yet? (we are a standard subscription customer)
Unfortunately not in this release. Thanks for the vote.


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