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Office 365 Calendar Integration?
Hello Forum,

Just replaced the overly priced Salesforce with Bitrix24. So far, really love the interface and utilities. That being said, does anybody know of a way to integrate either one-way or two-way synchronization with Office 365 Exchange calendar??

In a nutshell, we would love to have appointments and calendar items flow between the two if possible.

Thank you in advance!

Edited: Bryan Silverman - 01/28/2015 23:07:15
Hi Bryan,

Currently this option is not supported, we'll check if it is possible to find a technical solution to add this option.


Hi, I can see that this is an old thread, but it's the only reference I've yet found to Office 365 Calendar integration.

I'm just moving my team across to Bitrix24 as it's proving to be a much better, and more comprehensive, platform than anything else we've used.  The one niggle is no integration with Office 365 calendar.

It would quite literally be the no compromise platform for us with that capability.

Best regards,

Hi Mark!

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll think about this option for 2016.


Hi Yana,

Any news regarding the integration with the Office 365 calendar? We'd love to have that option!

Kind regards,

Hi Sebastian,

No news yet, but we are considering this option. Thanks for your vote on it.


Hi Bitrix team,

This going to be very actual for SMB and maybe even for Enterprises also!
In 2016 many companies moved to O365, at least in Baltics. Most of them use MS Outlook as client. Noone wants 2 Calendars working with Bitrix and O365. Bitrix sharepoint with Outlook is not working well, this is not an option.
Please hurry on!

Personally awaiting this released for self-hosted version, two-way sync, with automated Bitrix Meeting rooms booking functionality & O365 calendar Event Location integration.

Any target? How many votes do you have?
Please add mine for this!

// Mihails
Hi Mihails,

Thanks for your comment & the suggestion. I'll add your vote for this.


Hi Bitrix Team,

Any progress on Office 365 Calendar integration ?
Nothing scheduled at the moment, thanks for the vote.


Hello - are there any news or is there a roadmap for Office 365 exchange implementation (calendar, tasks, (mail))?

Hello! At the moment, there are no immediate plans for this feature.  


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