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Turn features on/off, Features
One thing I have found when trying to get new users to adopt software is to start simple.  With regard to Bitrix, is there a way to turn off features.  For example, I would prefer users not see the 'Mail', 'Marketplace' links.  Can I deactivate those?

Hi Steve!

Each user can hide left-menu sub-categories & CRM main category for his\her personal interface design (with the help of settngs icon), but there is no general settings for admins to do it for all users at once.


Hi Yana,

We would like not give access to CRM to certain users within company.  The option of just hiding it within the menu is not appropriate.  CRM contains sensitive information which we would like to give limited access to only those dealing with customers.  We are using the cloud version.

Will this option be available in the future?

Dear Bernard,

You can set access permissions to CRM in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions to limit users access to CRM - you will need to delete user form the access roles list & make sure this user (s) are not listed as user group (e.g. group, department, etc.) As a result the CRM module won't be shown to the users who are not listed in CRM>Access Permissions roles list.


Hi Yana,

Can you help me as to what steps I need to take to do this.  It's not very clear.

User is in a specific department and up to now we have not created any new roles apart from the standard ones.  That user is not listed in any CRM>Access Permissions roles list.

Also can you please elaborate on the the definitions of
"Personal and department"
"Personal and department and subdepartments"
"All open" & "All open"
You can add new department or employee with "add access permissions" and add new role with "add" tab in Roles column. BTW if the user is not an admin & not listed in the CRM access permissions (either individually or within a group\department\"all employees";) - he\she wouldn't have access to the CRM.

Please contact our Helpdesk with access permissions screenshot

"Personal" - users have access to only own records
"Personal and department" - users see own records & records of his\her department colleagues
"Personal and department and subdepartments" - users see own records & records of his\her main department & it's subdepartments' colleagues
"All open" - users have access to all records with "open" option enabled. Please note that when you set "all open" for "add" action - new records added by this user will be automatically given "open" status.
"All" - full access.


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