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Address field messed up, The address field in contacts has added multiple extra fields
Hello Guys

my bitrix contacts address field added a bunch of extra string fields with no description and no way of removing them. account is Here is a screenshot of what it is doing.

Please can you look into this

Marius Nel
Hi Marius!

Thanks for reporting! We have currently modified the address field - added additional fields as requested in other forum discussions, but there is obviously a tech issue with them - we'll fix them asap!



While splitting the address field was obviously the right thing to do, it would have been even more appreciated if we had been properly informed in advance - here and/or on the blog.

In absence of such information I had to urgently perform an impact assesment for us. Thankfully all is fine (the old Address field is de facto still there), but you could have saved your users some stress and hassle by giving us a proper heads up.

Have a nice weekend!

This was a minor update, that we haven't considered important . We apologize for this, we'll be sharing more information is future.


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