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Workflow Parameters, Configuration of Workflow Parameters
Hi Folks,

I am working on Leave Request Approval Business Process which is provided by Bitrix vanilla instance.But when I am creating a leave request,it gives an exception saying that "Workflow Parameters must be configured". Kindly assist.
Hi Vicky!

Before the first launch - Bitrix24 administrators should set the workflow parameters - which users will approve on the request - the parameters form pops up automatically for Bitrix24 admins.


Hi Yana,

Thank you so much.....It really worked..... :)
How to set workflow parameters? Kindly help.
Hi Jayendra !

Bitrix24 administrators can use Settings option for workflow configuration, see more in this FAQ.



I'm having the same problema, I can create "General requests", but when I try to create a "Leave approval" request or a "Bussiness Trip" request, I got the "Workflow Parameters must be configured". But I have not seen the mentioned pop up, neither I have seen any way to configure those parameters (in fact, I don't even know what are those parameters), because I have been looking at and modifying the Business Process without finding a way to configure them.

What are those parameters? Which is the correct way to configure those parameters?

Thank you very much.
Hi Gervasio!

Actually when you first click on the workflow template you should get this message:

If you don't see these settings but only get the message that the parameters must be configured - most likely you are not intranet administrator, please ask your admin to set the parameters.


Hi Yana,

Thank you for your kind response.

I was looking for that form in the wrong place, I thought that I should access to it from the "Administrative workflows" page, but it was directly from the "Processes" select box in the activity stream.

Thank you.
Good to know you've found it!  :)

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