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Possibility to change domain name in free version, Can the subdomain of bitrix be changed?
We have started using Bitrix and so far very impressed with what it can do, so impressed we want to use it fro two other parts of our business now and then eventually to a paid plan as we hit the user limits.
We have three parts to our business, a shop, a school for lessons and a charity.
Initially I setup the bitrix free version in the name of the charity and now we want to use it as for the whole of the business the URL does not make sense.
I see the way the company structure works and see the different parts of the business should be departments then with sub departments under that.
I have done quite a bit of work inside bitrix and dont want to lose it by having to make a new instance with the name of the main company then setup the departments and move the files etc.
Is it possible to change the URL or is setting it up all over again the only option?
Hi Mark!

This issue is guite good described here


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