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Pricing Issue When create DEALS

We are facing issues right now when we put a certain price

Say we put $14.5 - it will round it up to $15

Or we put 0.105 - it will round it up to 0.11

Please advise how to fix this?
Hi Owais!

We do not support 0,XXX price format, only 0,XX Though $14.5 - it will round it up to $15  shouldn't be rounded up  -until that is a tax added above the price, please report this to our Helpdesk with screenshot of new product settings filled. Thank you.


Kindly tell your team to fix this ASAP

We need this.. as this is the demand of current world... every pennies bits is important...

So rounding it off, its a bit old-nature now.

Please fix it ASAP!
I'll pass it to the devs, thank you.


Any ETA.. when we can have it on board?
If they take months... i would better jump to another CRM provider, and take the paid solution of them.. as you know the accurate pricing details are very important

I would highly appreciate if they can quickly implement this.. so i can proceed with the paid solution from you guys.
Please advise what is this price- 0.105 - in which currency is that?

Normally price is in 0,XX format..


Dear.. its in USD.. and in our telecom industry sometimes prices are with 0.XXX or 0.XXXX

Can it not be any other option, for us to edit the format ?
and in our telecom industry
I see. thanks for the clarification.

Anyway for both topics - we need to discuss this with the devs, I'll let you know later.

BTW our next release will take place in fall - so I'm afraid I can't promise naything untill then.


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