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Help to translate Brazilian Language
I'm from Brazil and introduced your product in my company a long time ago, but can not do the implantation because of language barriers of our employees, who do not speak English.
I found that now you have the Brazilian language, but has several things that are not yet translated, others are with the wrong translation.
I wonder to know if there are some way to helping you to make this translation and  fix some wrong translations?
We are willing to help, because I have interest in putting the software of you in our company. You guys have any translation system as Crowdin? We will gladly help you to make a full translation of the software for our language and I think people in other countries will also have interest to do the same. This system is really cool .. I used already helping to translate and correct a game that I like into my language ( Thank you.
Hi Renan!

We don't use this system, though we would be grateful if you could email us with translation errors & correct translation phrases at  info (at) bitrix24 (dot) com - we'll be happy to fix.


Do you have the translation brazilian file? If you send to me, we could suggest some others translations for texts that are not translated yet and suggest others wrong translation. Please, send me to renan (at) futuremedia (dot) com (dot) br
We will be very happy to help you !
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