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Bitrix Question
Hi, Does anyone know what it means by clicking on an edition page in leads, contacts and other CRM elements ?
And what is re-saving the page mean that will create rules of addresses processing?

I am using bitrix VA in amazon  web service and i don't understand why bitrix will be distributing a 30 day trial offer when 90% of the function is broken ?
How do you expect your customers to buy it ?
Hi Eddie,

Please resolve this issue via the Helpdesk (or have you failed to do so), the VA has been tested before & worked well, there must be a problem you need to define & fix.

BTW we do have partners worldwide to help


Hi Yana,
I have already log a ticket to your help desk under ID:706597 and those are the exact words they have asked me which i have no idea what they are talking about...
I have also contacted a partner and they said to ask amazon to figure out....really??
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