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Localisation issue, New customer: Salutations are "г-н" et "г-жа"

Salutations for a new customers are "г-н" et "г-жа". This is a fresh free install.
To fix it, go to

CRM -> Settings -> Selection Lists -> Salutations and add what you need.
You must an administrator to access the settings.


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Ronaldo Radünz

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I mentionned it because it is default behaviour, something that should be fixed developper-side, so that not every new customer gets this (I already fixed it for me, though, thanks to you).
Hi David!

Thanks for reporting, our devs will fix it asap.


Went to CRM > Settings > Other > Other Settings > Selection Lists to find that option.
But did not see ability to modify the salutations.
See screenshot below.
Find_User.png (159.87 Kb)
Hey, just accidentally found it somewhere else.
It's actually in the  CRM > Settings > Statuses page. There you see the Salutations option.
Hi Saeed,

Yes, we have changed the CRM Settings interface in the last update.  :)


There have been a few times that we have noticed problems like the one listed above. Including an email that we could not understand. - Thanks for telling us where to fix this. But it really does seem like something that should have already been right.  
Hi Michelle,

You're right. We apologize for the problem caused by localizations conflicts & we'll do our best to avoid them in future.


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