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Bitrix24 Email Signature
Hello, i'm using bitrix24 (free account) and see bitrix24 signature on outgoing email. I would like to know if i can remove this auto signature if i upgrade to plus plan ?

Hi Viktor,

Sure, you will be able to turn it off in CRM Settings at Bitrix24Plus, Standard and Professional plans.


Where can I find this option to remove it?

Can I add my signature to all outgoing emails?
Hi Dariusz,

CRM > Settings > Other > other settings > Activity > activity parameters > Outgoing e-mail parameters > Add "Sent by Bitrix24" to signature: - turn off.

Own email signature can be added to the email templates in CRM > Settings >  Email >email templates


Hello Yana,

We are using the Standard plan for a while now and I do not know where to implement our company's HTML signatures so that our sales team can finally use the Mail integration. This is one major point why our employees refuse to start working with Bitrix24 because they have to stick to the CD of the company.

We are using 3cx as VOIP and I would like to connect it to Bitrix24, so that we can start registering the calls on Bitrix24 and so on. What do we have to to?

I hope you can help!

Best regards,
Amedeo Missfeldt
Hi Amedeo,

HTML signatures
not currently supported, thanks for the suggestion

Regarding Telephony - you can either user our VOIP or connect your own cloud or office PBX to Bitrix24 via SIP Connector. Read more here.


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