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Invoices and settings

I'm writing to ask where the invoice PDF settings have gone since the recent update as they are no longer in the settings area. I wish to add
the company logo and terms and conditions to the PDF instead of the normal blank PDF. Is it  not available?

Also the PDF does not display the tax (in this case UK VAT at 20%) despite the CRM both displaying and calculating tax?

Edit : I have found the form and filled it in with above information but still won't display in a current invoice PDF , I may try a generating a new invoice to see if the logo does show
Edit 2: After some tinkering I have fixed the logo problem but the PDF still does not show the tax amount despite the CRM calculating it especially as tax is shown on the Quote PDF but not after being converted to invoice

Thank you
Edited: Danny Bolger - 12/10/2015 17:07:50
Hi Danny!

Please report the tax problem to our Helpdesk. Thank you.


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